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video reviews

Amateur Porn Star Killer- found footage flic.  
Fabled- Horror/suspence. The Shunned House- based on three H. P. Lovecraft stories.
Goregoyles- indi horror double feature Light Keeps Me Company- Doc on cinematographer Sven Nykvist
Down and Out with The Dolls- punk chick band flic Binge & Purge- model zombies..
Fire on the Mountain- Doc on The 10th Mountain Division So Close to Paradise- Chinese drama
Golliwog's Cake-Walk- Odd indi Hot Summer- 1968 East German musical
Them Damn Zombies- indie horror/comedy The Young Unknowns- drama
Hybrid- Documentary  Cleopatra's Second Husband- odd
Killer Me- indi horror/drama Hot Rod Hearse- one nutty 30 minute short
Survivors Exposed- Parody Kei Mizutani: Undressed for Success
The Stranger- short Zombie Toxin- Twisted flic indeed
Pariah- Skinheads are mean. Surrender Dorothy-ummm
Live Nude Girls Unite- Strippers unionize I was a Teenage Mummy- duh
Mayhem Motel- Horror/Fetish The Gosh-Darned Mortgage-indie Melodrama
Terminatrix- I'm sure you can figure it out. Two Jess Franco flics- a drunken night and 2 vids
Forced Entry- 1975 Tanya Roberts debut  White Slave- Italian made headhunter/captured girl flic
Gut Pile- Indie/B Horror Sumo Vixens- silly Japanese flic
Hard Core Logo- punk mocumentary At Dawn They Sleep- indie horror
The Mutilation Man- indie horror Devil Doll- 1964 ventriloquist flic.
The Show- punk rock compilation. Trees- Jaws parody
Vampire's Seduction/Misty's Secret- erotic stuff Gladiator Eroticus- erotic parody
The Wounds- Bosnian crime drama Vampire Vermont- low budget horror
Walking Between the Raindrops- man love story The Match- comedy feel good flic
Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler- 1976 Nazi prison Full Tilt Boogie- "making of" From Dusk Till Dawn
Blood Kiss- erotic indie vamp flic This is Not an Exit- Bret Easton Ellis doc.
Requiem for a Dream Affliction- words cannot describe it
The Evilmaker- low budget horror Scrapbook - indie thriller/horror
Flushed- indie comedy. Terror Firmer- Troma comedy/horror
The Quarry- drama out of S. Africa Confessions of a Psycho Cat- 1968 grindhouse thriller
Strawberry Estates- found footage indie Attack of the Mayan Mummy- 1964 campy mummy flic
Cartoon Noir- animation shorts War of The Gargantuas- 1966 Japanese Monsters.
The Tell Tale Heart- indie suspense Mistress Frankenstein- erotic horror/comedy
Girl Gang- 1954 teen drug flic  
Mighty Peking Man- 1977 campy King Kong



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