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- (Alternative Cinema) Horror/comedy. 80 min. NR. Gore, violence. The owners of a human torture/slaughter shack hire two misfits, Mr. Nasty and Benny, to chop up a horse for a satanic festival. The two bumbling idiots proceed as ordered, but they accidentally pollute an area river with a powerful toxin, which infects those who come in contact with it turning them into flesh eating zombies with diarrhea. Yes, diarrhea. When a Hitler look-a-like and his pal Gerbils witness first hand the potency of the toxin, they decide to use it to turn the town into a zombie army hell bent on world dominance. While bottling the toxic brew, their diabolical plan is foiled when the bottles come to life and seek revenge those who dare bottle.
    First off, Zombie Toxin is probably the foulest, most useless piece of b-movie trash I have ever watched. Secondly, I can’t wait to invite some friends over to get drunk and watch it again! This flic has enough puking and crapping scenes to last a lifetime. The make-up effects are absolutely hilarious, but will churn your belly nonetheless. Even though there are about six characters, they are all played by the same two guys. When was the last time you saw a zombie unload about three gallons of diarrhea on another zombie’s face, then witness the two zombies eat each other alive? Well, it’s all here. Just show you know, although fake, the crapping scenes are all close ups and vile as hell. This flic probably cost about $5 to make and it shows, but you know what? It had me laughing up a storm. Zombie Toxin was deliberately made to amuse, offend and not to be taken seriously. – Denis Sheehan

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