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(Indican Pictures) 2000. Drama. Approx 90 minutes. NR, language, drugs. Hello, my name is Charlie Foxx and I’m the spoiled twenty-something child of a famous commercial director. Nobody has given me anything and all I have I’ve worked hard for, almost as hard as my Daddy’s credit cards. This is Paloma, my girlfriend. I treat her like trash and she drinks too much. Meet my best friend Joe, he’s a big nobody just like me. When we’re “chillin,” we like to talk all hip hop, even though we’re so white, white people call us honkey. When Joe and I hang, we are off the hook and snort all sorts of crap. Oh, that hot blonde that Joe just punched is Cassandra, a drug addict model. All in all, the four of us are a pathetic group of wanna bes. Did I mention that my Mommy left me as a child and Daddy says he loves me, but shows no interest in me?
There is nothing more funnererer than watching a bunch of rich, spoiled brats self destruct. You can’t help but hate every single character in this movie. Cassandra (Leslie Bibb) is the most likeable, but that’s only because she’s hot. Both Charlie (Devon Gummersall) and Joe are worthy of a punch or two. Especially when they’re talking “black.” Although I immensely enjoyed watching the self-destruction, I could feel myself getting pulled down in to the rut of these pathetic people and their do nothing lives. The best way of describing this movie is to call it a less flashy “Less Than Zero.” Hey, sometimes less flash is good. – Denis Sheehan



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