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WHITE SLAVE (Shock-O-Rama) aka Violenza in Amazzonia. 1986. NR, nudity, violence, slight gore. Itialian;English dubbed. Ten years after the fact, Katherine narrates her grueling experience to a news reporter; at age 18, Katherine leaves her London prep school to be with her parents at their factory stationed within the Amazon Jungle. As the family enjoys a boat trip into the jungle, a tribe of headhunters ambushes them and Katherine’s parents are killed. Katherine is injured and taken hostage by the tribe. Over the next few years, Katherine is forced to live by the tribe’s barbaric rituals and savagery while always remembering who she is, where she comes from, and remaining “civilized.” Until that is, she finds out the truth concerning the murder of her parents.
       Lame gore, annoying narration, and general lack of an interesting plot make this flic almost unwatchable. The only reason why I watched the entire film is because I kept saying to myself, “Something good will happen.” I was wrong. Yes, there is nudity, torture, and cheesy Italian gore, but it’s weaker than a Michael Jackson left hook. On the plus side, Elvire Audray (Katherine) is a cutie and runs around the entire movie showing her cute little boobies. I am sure this movie will be semi-enjoyed by those who love Amazon/headhunter/captured girl/naked natives movies, but I doubt anyone else will feel the same way. (pay no attention to the video sleeve pictured. That cutie is not in the flic)– Denis Sheehan


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