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WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS- (Video Dungeon) 1966. Japanese monster romp. Approx. 90 min. After being paid a few visits from a green, human eating, man-like monster from the sea (named Gaira), Japan prepares to battle the creature with the latest in war technology. Using helicopters, the Japanese army lures Gaira into a trap and begins to pummel him with large laser beams shot from hi-tech trucks. As the near death Gaira begins to helplessly stumble, a large brown monster (named Sanda) comes out of nowhere and rescues him. The two peacefully disappear into the mountains. Sanda, who was raised by man and is very peaceful, nurses the man-eating Gaira back to health. However, Sanda doesnít remain peaceful when he realizes that Gairaís snack of choice is humans. Sanda starts a fight with his evil counter part and the fight spills into the city of Tokyo. 
I remember watching this movie as a child on Saturdayís Creature Double Feature, and boy it messed with my mind. Thatís why this flic is my all time favorite Japanese monster movie. This movie stands out from the rest of those Japanese monster movies because Gairaís only reason for entering Tokyo is eat humans. He hunts them down and devours them. I canít think of another movie, in this genre, where humans are the monsterís only target. Not only are the two Gargantuas cool looking, but Sanda has an uncanny striking resemblance to Nicholas Cage (below right). The opening shot of Gaira, waist deep in the ocean, chasing down swimming men and eating them is so damn freaky. This version is in Japanese, includes two trailers, and deleted/extra scenes. If you dig Japanese monster movies, this one is a must!- Denis Sheehan


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