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WALKING BETWEEN THE RAINDROPS (Brimstone Productions) Drama. 88 minutes. NR.  Stanley (Evan Jacobs, who also wrote this movie) and Sarah, both in their early twenties, meet at a party and quickly build a casual relationship due to their intense enjoyment of each other’s conversation. As time passes, Stanley starts to feel more than just friendship for Sarah but doesn’t want to confess his feelings fearing that she doesn’t feel the same for him. Although confused as to what he should do, Stanley continues to hide his true emotions while constantly seeing Sarah. All is going well until Sarah introduces Stanley to her boyfriend Pete at a party. At first, Stanley is devastated and crushed. But using advice from his friends, Stanley decides to write Sarah a letter proclaiming his true love for her. Of course, after Stanley mails the letter, his two pals convince him that the idea is a poor one and help him retrieve the letter. Ah yes, Stanley has become a yo-yo of love. Things only get nuttier for poor Stan after he learns that Sarah and Pete have broken up. Joyously, Stanley realizes that he must seize this opportunity to capture Sarah’s heart. With flowers in hand, Stanley confronts Sarah.
        This flic perfectly hit what most men go through when they slowly fall in love with a woman. Hey, a love story told through a man’s point of view! Through voice-overs and interview like settings, we learn what is actually going on inside Stanley’s mind pertaining to Sarah. However, what’s even better is how Stanley relates his inner conflict with his two buddies Chris and John. I am sure most men know through experience that it is not wise to get relationship advice from buddies while playing video games. Philosophizing over Playstation is a sure recipe for disaster. I also love the way Stanley expresses his few instances of happiness while alone, i.e. fake boxing, karate kicking, and blowing kisses to an invisible crowd. Way funny. This is a very dialog heavy movie as it’s entirely made up of various conversations. Most of the dialog between Stanley and Sarah only shows how much they enjoy talking to one another, but really doesn’t lend much to the emotions of the movie. The true emotions are beautifully depicted between Stanley’s voice-overs and talks with his two friends. This indie flic is very well written, well shot, nicely acted, well lit, and although at times muffled (not sure if it was only my copy), the sound is ok. The rock soundtrack is also pretty damn good. As stated above, finally a movie about a conflicted man in love..take that Lifetime Channel! Great indie! – Denis Sheehan


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