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VAMPIRE VERMONT- (Brimstone Productions) Horror. 62 minutes. NR, violence, blood. After getting lost in the woods near her friend’s house, Maggie is comforted by a number of friends. As they comfort her, we soon realize that she is still feeling pretty damned upset over the death of her brother three years earlier and is also shaken by a man she ran into while lost in the woods. Well, guess who shows up and just happened to be the best friend of her brother? Yup, the guy from the woods. As the night passes, a few of Maggie’s friend’s, namely the hilarious stoner Swill, mysteriously start to become vampires and begin to hunt the non-vamps. Trying to save herself, Maggie runs circles around the house in the hopes of surviving the onslaught of vampires. In the midst of one such lap, she bumps into a person she never expected to see again who reveals the truth of her brother’s death.
    Although I found the story to be more full of holes than Ted Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick alibi, this is a fun low budget, b-movie.  The actresses who portray Maggie and Lana do an ok acting job, but as a whole the acting is almost laughable. Well, Stoner Swill does ok. He made me chuckle more than once. Unlike a lot of low budgeters, the lighting and camera shooting is great! The sound is iffy at times, but better than most flics of this nature. If you like b-movies, you’ll like this. – Denis Sheehan


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