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THIS IS NOT AN EXIT: The Fictional World of Bret Easton Ellis (First Run Features) Biography/documentary. 76 minutes. NR, brief nudity. Bret Easton Ellis is the controversial author of a few novels, most notably Less Than Zero and American Psycho. This bio escorts us into the brain of Mr. Ellis as he explains and describes what exactly was going through his mind while writing his novels. Along with the in-depth discussions with Ellis, we are treated to other interviews and thoughts from his friends, critics, editors, and even a past schoolteacher. Meshed in with the interviews are parts taken from Ellis’s books and acted out.  Featured in these acted scenes are Dechen Thurman, Uma’s ugly and talent less brother, and Rachel Weisz, the babe female lead from The Mummy. Unfortunately, Ms. Weisz does not look as hot here as she did in The Mummy.
       Simply put, if you’re a fan of Ellis and his novels, you will like this bio. I have not read any of Ellis’ books, but I have seen the movies Less Than Zero and American Psycho, which were adapted from his novels. I really did not like either of those movies, but after seeing this bio, I may read the two books because the acted out scenes taken from the books are actually pretty powerful and a lot better than what the respective movies captured. We all know that the book is always better than the movie, but there is something else going on with the book’s dialog and feeling that caught my attention. A lot of time is spent discussing the extreme controversy over American Psycho.  Although I had never heard of this guy before, I did enjoy this little romp inside his brain and hearing what exactly he was trying to do with his novels. –Denis Sheehan


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