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(Horror on Film) Horror/gore. Approx 40 minutes. NR, violence, gore. Zombies rule the country side and are eating their way across the state. As panic reigns, three hillbillies, two hot chicks, a television news reporter, and his camera men all come together in a hunting shack in the middle of the woods, and fight ‘Them Damn Zombies.”
This approx 45 minute video tape is much like a visit to the carnival, but instead of popcorn, you get lots of blood and guts. The tape starts with an introduction by the director (Andy Koontz) and director of photography (Scott Phillips), which leads into a five minute or so short film, “Zombie Dawn.” Z-Dawn is a quick jaunt as zombies attack a small group of military men. The zombies munch, the men fight for their lives, all while a metal like soundtrack blares in the background. Up next is the feature presentation. Them Damn Zombies is loaded with gut chewing, limb chomping, running around screaming fun. Yes, there are your typical b-movie problems, but the all out goofiness makes up for the continuity issues. You have to love the hillbillies, the news reporter is a laugh riot (screaming to his camera man “are you getting this?!” as the zombies eat him alive.), and the two cute chickies don’t hurt either. There’s a lot of amusing dialog going on here, but you must listen and put it in context. Funny stuff. The make up effects in both features is above par, and the production work is even better. After Them Damn Zombies, the festivities conclude with a farewell from the Koontz and Phillips. The only thing missing from this carnival is a short Italian man, a dancing monkey, and a musical crank box. –Denis Sheehan



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