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THE TELL TALE HEART (Web Site) Suspense. 84 minutes. B&W. NR, violence, nudity. Meet Sally Zucco, she is your typical neurotic single woman who is looking for a soul mate in New York City. The video starts with Sally porking a black guy and telling him, after they’re done, that she is a “functional schizophrenic.” Not wanting to deal with this nightmare, the dude gets up and goes to the bathroom before he jets. Well, for some reason, he dresses up like a woman and tries to kill Sally. Sally fights the good fight and proceeds to kill him. Some time later, Sally also kills her landlord who is slowly going blind. As Sally’s sanity slowly deteriorate, she meets and falls in love with a New York cop named Bobby.  Like most women, she bleeds this man of his life force and demands that he knock her up. Well, all this still isn’t enough and Sally ends up freaking out and reveals her past secrets to Bobby.
     Yup, this one follows the basic story line of Edgar Allen Poe’s story of the same name. At times I was confused as to what was going on, but all in all this is a good flic. The acting is pretty good and the screenplay was well written. Yes pervs, Sallys does get nakkie for us. I did like the shooting aspect of the movie, although the picture does seem to be washed out at times. The sound also has a few ruff moments when the dialog is drowned out by other noises. There are a few really interesting camera angles used on Sally when she really starts to go nutty that kind of freaked me out. Perhaps the funniest moment of this flic is when Sally asks Bobby if he has ever killed anyone. Talk about a stupid question Sally. Of course he has, he’s a New York cop silly! The movie concludes with a cover of Fear’s “I Don’t Care About You.” Good independent flic here! – Denis Sheehan


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