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(Indican Pictures) Parody. 103 minutes. NR, nudity. On a secluded, tropical island named Butta Cheeka, six hot chicks, ehem, women, compete against each other to see who’ll be the last person standing in this Survivor parody. This video is shot and played out like the popular tv show, kind of. However, the show’s horny host Cliff, wants to and desperately tries to bed all of the women and is often overwhelmed by the sight of twelve bouncing boobies. Watch the battle of tits….I mean wits, as the women jockey for position and form alliances in the most interesting of ways. More importantly, will Cliff keep his cool long enough to get his wish?
What we have here is plain good ol’ fashioned fun, in a very teenage boy kind of way of course. Lots of topless action, a few full frontal nudity shots, and even a few softcore lesbian scenes. Julie K. Smith, Aria Giovanni, Shauna O’Brien, Alexus Winston, Amiee Sweet, and Tess Broussard are the stars of this video. Of the six, I found Aria Giovanni (Penthouse Pet September 2000) to be the cutest and most appealing, but if you go to her website, she doesn’t look as good as she does in this video. She’s too made up in all her pictures and looks fake. Too much make-up is ungood, so I think anyway. In this video, she’s more “regular” looking. She has the girl next door thing going. The production of Survivors Exposed is pretty good, but the acting is most amusing. There is a lot of comedy here, but the six women hit their marks about as well as a blind sniper in a sand storm while his/her eyelids are propped open with toothpicks. That’s ok though, after all, they’re not here for their comedic expertise. I’ve never really watched the tv show and I’m not too familiar with the contestants, but I think the characters here somewhat mimic those people. The funniest part of this movie is the second tribal gathering. I don’t want to give anything away, but it would have been priceless if the real Survivor people pulled this stunt. – Denis Sheehan



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