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SURRENDER DOROTHY (First Run Features) First Run Features.  1998. Drama. Approx. 90 minutes. Black and White. NR. Brief nudity, sex, drugs.  Trevor loves women, but he doesnít have the balls to approach any. Instead, he steals their silverware after they eat with it and masturbates while tonguing the fork/spoon. As if his life wasnít pathetic enough, in walk his junkie pal Lahn. Lahn has pissed a lot of people off and needs to hide in Trevorís apartment. Of course, Lahn has no money for rent or drugs and quickly starts to steal from Trevor. Instead of throwing Lahn out, Trevor comes up with another plan to even the score. Using drugs as a reward, Trevor convinces Lahn to dress up like a woman and become ďthe woman of the houseĒ named Dorothy.  As much as Lahn hates this, he likes drugs even more and reluctantly does it. As time passes, Dorothy seems to grow more and more into hisÖher role. However, Trevor isnít happy with Dorothy having a penis and no boobs, so he decides to take care of business.
       Ok, this is one fucked up flic right here. We get to see two people let their obsessions run their lives and drive each other to the brink of madness. This movie kind of creeped me out because I couldnít tell if the obsessions had a homosexual side to them, or if it was a case of the men being ruled by their obsessions; ie Trevorís loneliness and Lahnís drug addiction. This freaks me out because Iíve never been addicted to anything in my life (well, I suppose masturbation can be considered an addiction) and wonder what the hell I would do to feed an addiction. I certainly donít think Iíd become someoneís woman..unless of course he was cute, had a sense of humor, soft eyes, and a nice roundÖehem..nevermind. Anyway, this is one odd flic. The acting is good, the sound and picture is good as well. There is one major continuity issue I found, but Iíll leave it up to you to hunt it down.  You must look closely Danielson. Good indi flic, but it may freak you out.- Denis Sheehan


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