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SUMO VIXENS (CPM/Asia Pulp Cinema) Comedy with lots of naked Asian women. 73 minutes. English dubbed. NR, nudity. Hoping to save her aunt’s female sumo wrestling school, Ruriko enlists the help of Arakuma, a past sumo wrestler himself. Here’s the deal, Arakuma must assemble an all female sumo team to defeat Domino’s, an area half wit gangster, all female sumo team. To the winner goes the female sumo wrestling school. With the help of goofball Topachi, Arakuma puts together a rather eclectic group of Asian woman to do battle. Before I go further, for some reason, all of the women fight topless. Well, except for Ruriko (figures, because she’s the hottest one here). Joining Ruriko is a cry baby, insecure girl, a punk chick who likes to sniff what appears to be donuts to get high, and Komasa (Kei Mizutani). Komasa is the mysterious one of the group, and she is also the best fighter. Fighting on behalf of Domino, is a group of hotties headed by the one eyed Oryo. Hmm..Oryo also has a history and badly wants to beat up Komasa. I wonder why? Could it be that they were once lesbian lovers? Hell yes! And just how did Oryo lose her eye? Not only that, but who’ll win the sumo match of the century?
          Although very sappy and goofy. Sumo Vixens is actually pretty entertaining, in a sappy and goofy was of course. Topachi is over the top with the goofiness, but you will laugh at is screw ups and constant peeping tom routine, and what happens to him after he gets caught. On the surprising side, the punk chick actually shows her pubic hair! I always thought that was a major no no in Japan. One of the pube shots is while she is wrestling and her opponent gives her one nasty crotch wedgie. Yes, this scene is a close up, and yes, she didn’t shave before hand. The one lesbian scene between Komasa and Orya is ok, nothing that’ll knock your socks off. It’s done in a dream like, flowery setting. Kind of like the hot women scenes in Son of the Beach. There is also a scene that gets whacked by the ol’ digital distortion censor. This optical effect is used to cover up Topachi’s member as he has sex with a woman. I am still concerned over why Ruriko is the only one who failed to go topless. Damn..such a troublesome life I have. Sumo Vixens is not for everyone, but if you like silly Japanese stuff, and if you’re a 14 year old boy and want to see boobies, you’ll enjoy this tape. – Denis Sheehan


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