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(Ghost Limb Films) 1994. Horror/thriller. Not rated, violence. Black and white. Approx 31 minutes. Some over achieving degenerate finds out that heís going to be a daddy and goes on a violent rampage. Scumbag of the highest magnitude.
OK, I watched this short movie with your editor-n-drink and didnít really pay attention to the names of the characters, but I do recall what an absolute fuck-wad the lead was. One Mark Fucile plays the scum and I will make sure to kick him square in the nuts if I ever see him in real life. He played this role just a bit too well for my liking. This short reeks of filth. I didnít understand the ending, but Denis says he did and wonít tell me. I know the truth though, he didnít get it either. Maybe Iíll just kick him in the nuts. Ė Fiona Skarsgard


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