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THE SHOW (Side One Dummy) Music videos and interviews. Approx 60 minutes. NR. Eleven bands, fourteen videos, and nine interviews. Interviews are short and conducted by Joe Sib of 22 Jacks. Hereís the rundown; H2O- interview, video. No Use for a Name- interview, live video. Kill Your Idols- interview, live video. Flogging Molly- interview, video. Avail- interview with Beau and two live videos. Less Than Jake- interview and two live videos. 7Seconds- live video. Madcap- live video. The Ataris- interview, live video. MXPX- interview, two live videos. AFI- interview, video.
        Aired on tv in California, the production of this video is high quality. The sound, lighting, and editing are all very well done. All but two of the live videos, Kill Your Idols and 7Seconds, are shot using multiple cameras. The brief interviews with the bands are long enough to enjoy, but short enough to not wear on you. As much as I liked this video, I do have a few bitches. Flogging Mollyís (one of my favorite bands) video sucks ass. Itís shot like a live video, but the prerecorded music is dubbed in. I have seen these guys a few times and they are great in concert. I really wish a live video was included rather than the one here. All the bands are very cool, up until the last two that is. I just do not like MXPX and AFI. Thatís more of a personal thing, but I had to chirp. Other than the two letter bands, the music is great, fast, and worth checking out. And boy oh boy, that Beau is one zany looking character. This video kind of reminds me of the old Flipside Fanzine videos people use to bootleg back in the early 80ís. Of course, the production is a lot better. Not as raw as the Flipside stuff. I really enjoyed the MOS (industry lingo for man on the street) interviews. Joe Sib is quick on his feet, and funny, after asking a big looking dude if he likes punk rock. I would actually like to see more of that stuff next time around. If youíre into punk rock videos, this is for you chum.- Denis Sheehan


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