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THE QUARRY (First Run Features) 1998. Mystery/suspense. Approx. 112 minutes. Mostly in English, little Afrikaans with English subtitles. NR, mild violence.  Outside a small, isolated South African town, a man is desperately running from someone. Exhausted, tired, and hungry, our man on the run seeks the help of a Baptist Reverend who is on his way to run a small church in an even smaller town. After fighting off several sexual advances, The Man (he has no name) kills the Reverend, takes on his identity, and proceeds to the town. After successfully fooling the town into believing he is the new Reverend, the town’s folk unknowingly accept the fugitive with open arms, and hearts. Just as The Man starts to relax, the police Captain finds the dead body and arrests two local petty thieves for the murder. Can The Man keep his secret, or will his guilt take over and force him to come clean?
      I know my synopsis is kind of vague, but I honestly didn’t want to give too much away. The movie runs rather slowly, but the pacing is deliberate to mimic The Man’s struggle with morality. Popular Irish actor John Lynch (In The Name of The Father) plays The Man and does a great job portraying his uneasiness with the situation he has caused. The acting as a whole is really well done. Although the viewer never really finds out what The Man is running from, the ending gives you a possibility. With it’s lack of dialog, seemingly lonely characters, and the “out of the way” location shoots, this flic gave me a strong feeling of isolation and seclusion. Pretty good flic. – Denis Sheehan


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