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CONFESSIONS OF A PSYCHO CAT (Something Weird Video) 1968. B&W.  Grindhouse thriller. Aprrox. 90 minutes. NR. Nudity. As a houseful of hippies wait for Buddy the Junkie to bring them some “real narcotics,” they engage is some orgy like sexual activities. When Buddy finally shows up, he doesn’t have the stash, but he does have a hole in his leg and a wild story to tell; Virginia, who can’t go on a safari with her brother because she is in the middle of a nervous breakdown, invites three men into her house and offers them a challenge. The three men, Buddy, actor Charles, and a pro-wrestler “Champ,” are told by Virginia that she intends to hunt down and kill each one of them over the next 24 hours. However, if any of them survives, she will pay them $100,000 (that’s a lot of cake for 1968). The confident men laughingly accept her challenge. After the men disburse, Charles gets a call from a play director and is offered a job to perform in a show that night. After the play is over, Charles finds himself locked in the theater and running for his life. Later that night, Champ is besieged with phone calls goading him into a face-to-face confrontation with Virginia. Champ, all pissed off, abandons his topless prostitute and hurries off to take on Virginia. The next morning, Buddy escapes an attempt on his life, but is shot in the leg with a crossbow. He then limps home to the hippy love shack where he tells his tale. After they hear Buddy out, they still demand that he fetch some drugs. Reluctantly, he agrees and scurries off to find his favorite pusher. Does our favorite junkie survive, or does he become another just another bounty to Virginia?
     What an absolutely hilarious movie. There is a lot of nudity, but nothing graphic. The sex/naked scenes are sandwiched in between the main storyline and actually do nothing to enhance the plot. However, these gratuitous sex scenes are nonetheless appreciated! A few of the women are babes! Boxing legend Jake La Motta (subject of Robert Dinero’s character in Raging Bull) stars as Champ and is funny as hell to watch. His shining moment comes in a small bedroom as he fights with Virginia on the phone and with his banana boobed hooker. Even funnier is how Champ is killed. I don’t want to give too much away, but keep in mind the words “Raging Bull.” Actually, it is obvious that the hooker’s scenes were shot separately than Jake’s and inserted later. Arlene Lorrance does a great job as Virginia. The faces she makes after killing are meant to show lunacy, but will crack you up instead. This video was transferred form the original 35mm negative. Ah, you have to love these long lost Grindhouse gems. – Denis Sheehan


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