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(B-Movie Theater) Horror. Approx 80 minutes. NR, gore, nudity.  To deal with his crappy childhood (as seen through numerous flashbacks), Ivan wonders the countryside performing acts of self-mutilation in front of small violent crowds.
       When I see a movie being labeled as “experimental,” I tend to cringe and mutter “Jesus Christ” under my breath. You see, when a film is labeled as “experimental,” it usually means three things; One, the movie is going to suck. Two, the movie will be incomprehensible. And three, the movie will undoubtedly be way too friggin long. Happily, although this movie is labeled as “experimental,” I can only attribute one of the above three warning shots to The Mutilation Man. It doesn’t suck, it isn’t too long, but it is a tad tough to understand what the hell is going on here. Maybe I was looking too deeply for some sort of hidden meaning and this flic is just what it is; a guy hurting himself to deal. Hey, shouldn’t the title be The Self-Mutilation Man? Anyway, there’s very little dialog to explain what’s going on, you must rely on the flashbacks for that. Ever see the Ministry music video “Stigmata?” Well that’s how this movie is produced.  Everything is edited together at a furious rate with a pretty cool industrial soundtrack blaring. Things movie quickly, don’t blink. I didn’t get the ending either. If you do, please explain. The gore is ok as it takes a page from the “How to Save Money While Making a Gore Flic” book, i.e.; quick shots of what appears to be blood and guts all over the place. Ivan, The Mutilation Man, has an uncanny resemblance to Lazlo Hollyfeld. You know, the closet guy in the 1985 flic Real Genius starring Val Kilmer. You will find two trailers at the conclusion of the movie. I can’t really comment on the acting, except for the blond bimbo’s awful “oh my gawd look!” near the end of the movie. Enjoyable flic with a few sick moments. – Denis Sheehan

note; this review is for the video release. The DVD includes director's commentary, trailers, music video, deleted scenes, and an "experimental" short. 



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