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MISTRESS FRANKENSTEIN (Seduction Cinema) Erotic/horror spoof. 80 minutes. NR, nudity, sex. As Frankenstein’s great-great-grandson Victor is toiling away in the basement making monsters, his bitchy wife Helena is killed when she smashes her head on a tree. Distraught, Victor sends his helper out to find a new brain to transplant into his wife’s head. Being the cheap bastard he is, Igor buys a low cost brain that once belonged to a lesbian nymphomaniac. After the brain is transplanted, Helena stops at nothing to get in on a little girl on girl lesbo action. She roams the country side, and sleazy motels, for cheap woman and sex. However, the fact that a lesbian monster is deflowering women all over town doesn’t sit well with the local town’s folk, and they set out to destroy Helena. Luckily for Helena, the lynch mob would rather become voyeurs than vigilantes.
    This spoof can be divided into two categories; extreme silliness and soft core erotic lesbian sex. The silliness surrounds about 6 or 7 lesbo scenes and follow the general plot of Frankenstein. Although the humor does have it’s moments, it sometimes crosses the line into stupidity. I am sure this was done due to lack of money and the film makers just decided to have fun and do what they could. The sex scenes are very erotic, but nothing extreme is shown. I have always wondered about these types of sex flics. Are the women really “doing” each other, or are they just going through the motions. I mean the women have their faces right in there, but we don’t see the actual act (you know what I mean). Darian Caine stars as Helena Frankenstein, while Victoria Vega and Heidi Christine both have sex with her. Debbie Rochon also has two small parts (not naked-damn). Perhaps the funniest moment in this movie is when Victor is trying to teach Frankenstein (looks remarkably like the real Frankenstein from the classic) to talk. Victor fails at teaching him English and storms off to take a dump. While grunting and groaning on the can, the Monster listens in –and wala- the Monster has his mish mash language of grunts and groans. The people behind the successful Blair Witch spoof, The Erotic Witch Project, also produced this flic. Watch this one with an open mind, a sense of humor, and.errr..a bottle of hand cream. – Denis Sheehan


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