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(Disturbance Films) Horror/fetish. 75 minutes. NR, violence, language. Welcome to the Mayhem Motel, where within every room awaits some cretin doing something weird, sick, perverse, or criminal. Spanking, puking, shaving, blow up doll humping, killing, its all here!
      As you can see, I didn’t go into the plot at all. Why is that? Because there is no friggin plot, just a bunch of stories designed to do three things; gross you out, turn you on, or make you say to yourself “what the fuck?” This video starts off with some naked guy in the tub puking his guts up. Yes, I’ve been assured by Director Karl Kempter that this puke is the real thing. Pretty gross. From there, we are treated to many different rooms with many different stories, some of which cross over. Of the many storylines, I had two favorites; I endlessly howled at the two buddies talking about different sexual positions and “hi-jinx,” i.e. the cannonball and the dirty sanchez. I also found the car salesman hilarious, especially the way he talks to his mother on the cell phone. Although a number of the stories have sexual overtones, there is no nudity. In fact, one guy’s member is optically censored from view…thank you for small favors. The acting is pretty good, and all aspects of production are above average for a low budget indie flic. Oh, although I hope not to die any time soon, if must move on, I hope to go like the dude who gets suffocated at The Mayhem Motel. Watch it, you’ll understand. Fetish fiends will dig this one. – Denis Sheehan


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