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ATTACK OF THE MAYAN MUMMY (Rhino) 1964. B&W. Weak Horror . Approx 77 minutes. NR. Directed by Jerry Warren.  Dr. Munson sits down with the editor of a large newspaper and begins to tell the tale of a quest for a large amount of golden treasurers. This bounty is said to be so large, that finding it will affect the Gold Standard. Munson describes how his rival, Dr. Redding, has found a way to hypnotize people to help them relive their past lives. Redding is currently working with a woman named Ann Taylor who was a Mayan Princess a thousand years ago. Through this special type of hypnosis, Ann is able to recall the location of a long lost tomb loaded with gold. A few days later, Redding and his rag tag team of explorers find the tomb and enter it empty handed. They do not find the gold, but they do awaken a Mummy (who was a Mayan Prince) who then kills Redding. Even though the team entered the tomb empty handed, they are able to subdue the Mummy with chemical gases and bring him back home to study. Somehow, someway, the Mummy escapes an accidentally stumbles upon Ann sleeping. As the Mummy gazes at her beauty, he recognizes her and carries her away. The Mummy and Ann are then run over by a car and all the witnesses to the Mummy are somehow killed. Will the newspaper editor believe Dr. Munson?
      Ohhh, this movie would bore the snot out of even the biggest fan of bad cinema. The plot sounds interesting and odd enough to make this flic seem good, but the way it was told is awful. The movie is basically just one long boring conversation edited over the just as boring action. The characters being shown on film rarely speak, they are moving their mouths, but Dr. Munson narrates everything. The only time the characters really speak to one another is when Munson sits down with someone and bores us with an unnecessary lecture. Even though Munson was never any part of the action, he is able to relate the story to the editor through reports from a spy in Redding’s camp. There are so many huge holes in the story I am surprised I didn’t get sucked into a different dimension through my tv. One the positive side, there is a scene where Munson meets two young girls in a café type place where tons of chickies are boogieing away. Man, they sure moved funny back then. The Mummy was lame looking, but it did have potential (the picture above is NOT the Mummy). A lot of the people involved with this movie were also involved in a lot of late 50s early 60s campy horror flics. Must have been a team or something. This baby wouldn’t even make the cut to be goofed on by the folks over at MST3K. If you like’em painfully bad, you’ll like this. – Denis Sheehan


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