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THE MATCH- Comedy. 95 minutes. PG-13. Normally, everything is quiet in the small Scotland town of Inverdoune. Bakers deliver their goods, the milkman delivers his milk, the town drool gets drunk, and everybody hits the pub at night for a festive night of ale dousing. However, at this of the year for the past 99 years the town stirs with excitement as the town’s two pubs, Benny’s Pub and L’Bistro, prepares for their annual football (soccer) match. Making this year’s event even more eventful is if Benny’s Pub loses for the 100th straight time, the pub becomes property of L’Bistro and will be closed down. If Benny’s wins, they gain control of L’Bistro. As the rag tag group of patrons from Benny’s prepares for battle, several of them must also deal with more personal issues.  Is this the end of Benny’s, or will they pull off the stunning upset victory?
       OK, I really shouldn’t be reviewing this movie for two reason; 1. Although me watching movies hammered isn’t anything new, I was really hammered watching this one. 2. Along with being inebriated, I was feeling all sappy because I was looking at all the baby clothes I have that will adorn my baby after she is born. In other words, I was in a grand ol’ mood while watching this. Knowing that, I loved this movie. Although I knew exactly what was going to happen concerning the plot, I really enjoyed the story. The “good guy” characters are all very likable, the “bad guys” are just as unlikable, and the Scotland scenery is simply phenomenal. This movie is not the least bit complex and it is just damn fun to watch. The Scottish accents are at times hard to follow, but then again, I sometimes have a hard time following clear speaking Americans. Even though the plot revolves around the soccer match, there really isn’t too much soccer junk to bore you. I write that because I loathe soccer. There are two rather familiar faces here; Tom Sizemore has been in a few popular movies (True Romance), and nudy chick/singer Samantha Fox is the barmaid in Benny’s. She looks damn fine too, and I hate big boobs! Executive Producer Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) also makes a quick cameo. I am guessing the PG-13 rating is due to the heavy amounts of beer drinking in the pubs. There’s no violence or nudity. Fun for the entire family I say! – Denis Sheehan


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