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LIVE NUDE GIRLS UNITE  (First Run Features) Documentary. Approx 72 minutes. Not rated, nudity. Fed up with unsafe, unfair, and poor working conditions, the strippers of San Francisco’s Lusty Lady decide to take a stand against the joint’s owners and unionize. Along with detailing the women’s struggles and unionizing efforts, we are also shown the personal struggles of the films writer/producer Julia Query. Julia is a lesbian/standup comic (unfunny at that)/stripper who has yet to inform her feminist activist Mother about her life and intends to do so. Oh, her Mom is also kind of famous in the network news field.
Ok, first off, I did enjoy this documentary. However, three things annoyed the snot out of me and I’ll get them out of the way. One; as the doc progresses and the woman get more serious about unionizing, the nudity ceases. It is like all the fun stopped when the negotiations got nitty gritty. Two; Julia reveals her occupation to her mother in front of the camera. Julia knew how upset her mom would be so why would she put it on film? How callus is that? Julia should have done the right thing and not capture a private moment like that on film. I almost believe this little scenario was staged.  Three; all the strippers are ugly. When I go to strip joint, I tend to fall in love with ten different women...that wouldn’t be the case at the Lusty Lady. I think it took a lot of balls-er whatever- for these women to take a stand and unionize. Good for them I say. This doc does a good job at showing what the women had to put up with and how they stood up for themselves. This video held my attention for the entire 72 minutes. Oh ok, Summer is kind of hot…- Denis Sheehan


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