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(Point Blank Films) Horror. 80 minutes. NR, violence. Joseph Sturgeon is one odd duck. Not only does he fantasize about killing people, he also likes to inflict pain upon himself. Anna is one odd duck. Not only is she lonely, but she asks Joseph out on a date. Together, the two odd ducks start perhaps one of the most awkward relationships known to mankind. However, as Joseph grows closer to Anna, he starts to face his demons, giving us a first hand look at what makes him obsess about killing.
Killer Me is a slow, methodical look at the inner workings of a man who thinks about killing people. I reason I write that Joseph thinks about killing is because we never really know if Joseph actually kills or if it’s all in his head. Conflicting story here.  Although the story is about killing, the part of this movie I felt most troublesome was the damn awkward relationship between the two main characters. God, the way they interacted with each other made me squirm with discomfort. Also, Anna (Christina Kew) really annoyed the shyt out of me. So much in fact, I was eagerly waiting for her to get killed. Ah shaaat up all you PC flag wavers, she’s only a character in the movie. On a side note, George Foster, who plays this unstable nut job to perfection, was the lead guitarist in Tia Carrera’s band in Wayne’s World. Most excellent trivia dude. Odd story, downright uncomfortable relationship between the two leads, and great production work make Killer Me a great example of independent filmmaking. Good stuff. – Denis Sheehan



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