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I WAS A TEENAGE MUMMY (Ghostlimb Films) 1992. 48 min. Horror. Black and white. NR. After being beaten silly by three greaser (remember The Outsiders?) delinquents, Egyptian transfer student Rhada Mahat (Ray for short) will stop at nothing to enact his sweet revenge and stop the “impotence and abuse.” After seeing cutie cheerleader Stella stand up to head greaser Leroy and thinking she’s the reincarnation of Isis, Ray kidnaps her and turns her into a mummy. As the mummy picks off the greasers and their bimbos one by one, Dect. Jack Boyle is hot on the trail…of the Teenage Mummy.
       Remember all those 1950s cheesy teenage monster movies you use to watch on Saturday afternoons as a child? Well this gem is a great knockoff spoof of the mentioned genre. The b&w film is as grainy as the old flics themselves and definitely adds some old drive-in theater attitude to the movie. In between the killings, we are treated to some good ol’ 50’s fun; fist fights, necking, down right hilarious dialog stricken with a nonstop barrage of double negatives, and a little bopping to some rock-n-roll (courtesy of The A-Bones). Not only will the over the top, Lords of Flatbush dialog kill you, you’ll dig how each killing weighs heavier on the cheesy, but great, gore scale. The acting won’t win any awards, but is damn decent when compared to other low budget indi flics. The camera work is great, the lighting is good, but the sound is at times too low. ‘Twas a fine 48 minutes indeed. - Denis Sheehan


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