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(Ghost Limb Films) 1996, give or take a year (I forget). Horror/action? Approx 30 minutes. NR, nudity, violence. After playing a gig in front of one person, a club owner yells at the band and tells them to scram. As usual at times like this, the band follows the owner into the bathroom and gives him a beating- stomping on his glasses for good measure no less. Come the next day, all the band members somehow screw up their lives in some form; get into fights, mess up their jobs, etc. Somehow, someway, the band is suddenly carted around by a transparent hearse and extract revenge on those who wronged them in the past.
Damn, for only 30 minutes (or so), you get more debauchery here than a weekend get away for Catholic priests at the local Boys Club. Fist fights, beatings, poisonings, a lone slam dancing drunk, urination, nudity, tin foil, voyeurism, rock music, and a woman pizza for dinner are crammed down your throat at a vomit inducing rate. Yes, woman pizza. Pure genius. Oh, pardon me. How could I forget the buffed out, meathead Italian bouncer? Cut off shirt and all. Alright, so the Italian dude’s not an act of debauchery, but he sho’ is funny. I honestly don’t know how the band was able to carry out their acts in the hearse; Death? Aliens? It’s your call chumly. Something about this entire flic is grubby. The characters, the way it was shot, and even the film quality stinks of grubbiness. Of course, the grubby adjective is meant as a compliment. Big shot Hollywood directors spend millions trying to capture the attitude and essence of their movies and although I have no idea what the budget of this movie was, nobody does a better job of pulling you into his sick little low budget movie world than director Chris Frieri. Is it a coincidence that the first four letters in Chris’ last name is the same as the first four letters in the word fried? - Denis Sheehan

B REEL (Ghost Limb Films)  Approx 16 minutes. In black and white, this is a sixteen minute collection of outtakes from Ghost Limb’s release “Golliwog’s Cake-Walk.”
        What are the outtakes you ask? Well, sixteen minutes of female models modeling naked. Lots of skin, lots of close-ups. Great job with the editing! If these are the outtakes, I can’t wait to see the actual movie. – Denis Sheehan



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