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GUT PILE (Sub Rosa) Horror. 60 minutes. Rated 17+ for violence. As Dan anxiously waits for a 10 point buck (thatís man/hunter talk for big ass deer) to cross his path so he can blow the unarmed buck away with his really big gun, he grows more and more upset that once again he will leave the woods empty handed.  Suddenly, Dan hears a something and being the seasoned hunter he is, he blindly shoots into the woods ahead of him. Happily and gleefully, Dan jaunts through the forest to retrieve his bounty. However, Danís giddiness sours as he realizes he just shot some poor dude in the face, killing himÖdead. All bummed out, Dan looks around and realizes that he, along with the dead dude, is in shear isolation. Yes! Dan buries the body and goes home. One year later, Dan returns with two pals, Mike and Bob, to hunt.  While Mike and Bob screw around at the cabin, Dan curiously shuffles off to see if his makeshift grave has been disturbed. Yippe! Not a thing has touched the grave. Feeling as if everything is all right, Dan returns to the cabin to resume the normal activities associated with hunting; playing cards, joking around, shooting guns, looking at porno mags, and most importantly, drinking beers. As nighttime falls, odd things start to occur; gross smells (other than the normal gross smells of three men in a cabin), plumbing backing up, weird noises (other than the normal weird noises of three men in a cabin), etc.  All these odd happenings finally lead up to the three men scrambling for their lives as something from the woods wants them all dead. Hey, I just thought of something; in this movie, the hunters have become the hunted! Wow, Iím one clever dude.
        First things first, Gut Pile has an Evil Dead feel to it in more ways than one. The story is fairly similar, but the real comparison can be seen in how this movie was shot. Camera held low as the demonís point of view, streaking about the woodís ground at a rapid pace, and pounding on itís victims. There is also the presence of Evil Dead type humor going on within Gut Pile as well. Youíll love what the demon thing does to Dan! This movie took forever to be completed from start to finish, and I can see the positive results of taking so much time. The story is good, although nothing really all that unique. The acting is good, the lighting and sound is great, and the gore effects suffice. Yep, thats Ron Bonk (founder of and The B-Movie Hall of Fame) as Mike. Yep again, thatís Sasha Graham (B-Movie Starlet) making a quickie as the Cop. Although this is nothing you care about or can relate with; many moons ago when I was working in construction, I use to call this guy Shitpants because he always stunk of crap. Well, when Mike called Bob Shitpants in this movie..ahhh the memories. After the feature presentation, there is a 15 minute or so featurette on the making of Gut Pile. Cool b flic! Ė Denis Sheehan



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