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GOLLIWOG'S CAKE-WALK (Ghost Limb Films) Approx. 100 min. NR, nudity.  Iím all for abstract filmmaking, but sometimes, I think I just donít get it. There is so much going on in this film, yet at the same time, thereís nothing going on. Thereís no dialogue in this movie, yet the audience is supposed to understand the journey the main character in the film takes. Iím not sure there was even a journey, let alone something that I was supposed to understand and care about. The main character appears to lead a somewhat unfulfilling life taking pictures of naked women, yet the audience is never privy as to why he does what he does. We realize he misses a woman in his life, but who is this mystery woman and why should we care about her and their relationship in the end. Maybe I missed the point. Maybe I just didnít get it. I canít really be sure what it was I saw but I know Iím still confused. Oh well, maybe next time.- Liz Haebe



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