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GIRL GANG (Something Weird Video) 1954. Drama. Approx 65 minutes. B&W. NR.  Wanting to expand his business, dope pusher Joe sends out his cronies to bring back some new customers. While he waits for them to return, Joe uses this opportunity to “elevate” a young girl from pot smoking to heroin shooting. Joe even takes his time to explain detailed instructions on how to properly shoot heroin. Once he has the needle loaded, he even injects the girl in her thigh for her. Later that day, Bill and Wanda are brought back to the house and immediately hand over the cash and start smoking pot. As time passes, Bill and Wanda join Joe’s little gang of druggies and start to descend into a life of drugs. Wanda even has sex with five guys in order to join the little gang. With every passing day, Joe tightens his grip on Bill and Wanda with the lure of more drugs. Wanting to make a big score, Joe sends Bill, Wanda, and a few others to rob a gas station. They pull the robbery off, but not as successfully as they had hoped.
       Think of this movie as Leave It To Beaver meets Sid and Nancy! All of the characters are drug out degenerates, but they are polite as hell. The dialog comes straight out of Wally and Beaver Cleaver. There is rampant drug use, prostitution, insinuated gang banging, robberies, murder, and even a cat fight! All this in 1954! One hilarious theme throughout the movie is the sound of a harp playing (kind of like the noise Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World makes while daydreaming) when the kids get baked or doped up. I guess the director wanted to make the viewers feel as if they are just as wasted! When we are first introduced to the clubhouse where the gang hangs out, we see all the kids sitting around and smoking pot while one guy jams on a piano. After about four minutes of playing, the kids get up and partake in a swing-dancing marathon. They really boogie too. Also in the clubhouse is a special room where the girls can have sex with the guys. There is a privacy sign on the door and even a light above the door that lights up when in use, kind of like a confessional in church. There is not a hint of nudity here, but most of the women are babes. Although this movie could easily be an after school special now a days, it must have caused an uproar in 1954. The video transfer is surprisingly crisp and clear for such an old and forgotten movie. If you want to see something very much ahead of it’s time, check out Girl Gang. – Denis Sheehan


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