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FULL TILT BOOGIE. Documentary. Approx 90 minutes. Rated R. Director Sarah Kelly takes us behind the scenes during the filming of the great movie “From Dusk Till Dawn.” We are treated to interviews with the cast members and various members of the crew telling what they think about working on this particular set. The doc doesn’t really go into the specifics of how the movie was made, but generally gives us a look at the people performing the tasks on a daily basis. Although the crew busted their asses for three months, there was a definite beer bash feel to the production.  A constant theme throughout the movie is the trouble the producers have with the local unions (imagine that). Lawrence Bender, executive producer, decided to use nonunion labor since this production was an independent effort. Of course, the local unions objected and waged a war with Bender. Gee, who would have thought that this was America, land of the free? We are even treated to a little karaoke singing performed by Juliet Lewis as a seemingly drunken George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino cheer her on. Ms. Lewis also reveals who she voted for in the “Best Butt” contest the women of the cast and crew held. Note, she didn’t vote for the winner. One a funnier note, we get to overhear who some of the female workers have a crush on as they giggle and behave like naughty schoolgirls. There is also a lot of conversation with the set caterer, who seems like a nice guy! There is also a perfect example of  “if the shoe was on the other foot” shown here. The director comes across a dweeb paparazzi that is basically spying on George Clooney with a super duper zoom lense and camera. After a few minutes of filming, the dweeb gets all worked up and pissed at the camera crew and tells them to go away. What a jerk huh? Ah, but not all is fun and games. The crew deals with many adversities such as; weather related problems like sand storms and 110 degree heat, getting kicked off sites due to lack of permits, and even a huge fire that almost destroyed The Titty Twister!! Although just about everybody bitched about something, they all appeared to love their jobs and were very willing to be interviewed for this documentary. Well, all except Harvey Keitel. He refused to work with Sarah Kelly because he was there to shoot From Dusk Till Dawn, not Full Tilt Boogie. He did let Tarantino interview him for a few minutes though, but Harvey is about as exciting as watching paint dry. What a bore!
      If you’re looking for insight when it comes to filmmaking, look elsewhere. This behind the scenes doc is more fun than anything. Hell, you don’t even have to see From Dusk Till Dawn to enjoy this flic. Note: this doc is also included in the From Dusk Till Dawn Special Edition Double DVD set! – Denis Sheehan


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