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if anyone out there has a picture from this movie, please send it in...

FORCED ENTRY (Video Dungeon)1975. aka The Last Victim. Approx 90 minutes. Rated R, nudity, violence. While Carl isn’t playing peeping tom at the gas station where he works, he’s out raping and murdering cute young women. Of course, he’s got no rhyme nor reason, he just angrily lashes out and does his thing often using foreign objects (bottle, tire irons, etc). His favorite people to pick on are hitchhikers and women is distress, but all that changes when he meets Nancy Ulman (Tanya Roberts). Nancy is a pretty married mother of two, and Carl likes her.  As we learn from listening to Carl’s inner thoughts, he wants to marry Nancy and become “the man of the house.” Even though he his focusing on Nancy, Carl still runs out and kills other women. Namely one blonde hitchhiker (Nancy Allen) he describes as “…some ugly dumb tramp. You're a slob lady!” This poor blonde gets it on the beach. Well, Carl has grown board with the average hitcher stuff, so he decides to take matters into his own hands and breaks into Nancy’s house, to make himself the “man of the house” in his own sick way.
       This sick (often described as “despicable” by famous critics) piece of trash is actually the R rated remake of the X rated version of the same name (reviewed in Askew Reviews 6). This is Tanya Roberts (Sheena, Charlie’s Angels, That 70’s Show) debut acting appearance, which I’m sure she’d rather forget. Tanya is 21 years old in this film, and her hair isn’t blonde. She’s a brunette here. She also doesn’t show any skin if that’s what you’re hoping for. She does, however, get naked in a lot of her other movies though. If you really want to see what a babe this woman is, or was, watch 1984’s Sheena. Ouch.  Also featured here is the budding star Nancy Allen (Blow Out, Carrie, RoboCop). She wasn’t as lucky as Tanya though, her character doesn’t even have a name and is on screen for maybe ten minutes. In 1985 or so, this flic was re-released via the grindhouse circuit as The Last Victim after Tanya Roberts landed a starring role on Charlie’s Angels. To the movie itself; The rape scenes are shot in slow motion and are very violent. The sex is more implied than shown, but there is some nudity. Taking a queue from the X rated version, we are made aware of Carl’s motives by listening to his inner thoughts. He’s one sick puppie! This flic is basically a bunch of rape scenes strung together by some dull dialog. Although not as nearly sick, twisted, and offensive as the X rated version, this flic is still trashy enough to make you feel wrong for watching it. – Denis Sheehan


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