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FLUSHED (First Run Features) 1998. Comedy. 81 minutes. NR, language, sex talk. Set in the men and womenís bathrooms of a New York bar, we play witness to the patrons as they use the restrooms for more than just emptying their bladders. As the night progresses, we are intertwined with more than one hundred characters as they seek refuge from the rest of the bar for one reason or another. They talk, fight, cry, complain, laugh, philosophize, and a few women even discover a new ďperfumeĒ to attract guys. Some of the conversations carry on throughout the evening between both genders, while others take only a moment from beginning to end. We also see as women try their best to relieve themselves without touching the nasty toilet seats. You will surly chuckle to yourself over the few running gags throughout this flic.
      First off, this is a scripted movie, itís not one of those hidden camera deals to please the voyeurs out there. There is no nudity either. The plot description reads kind of vague because thatís how the movie is. There is no storyline to discuss. This is a movie about nothing, but it will keep you laughing and interested at the same time. Having used the menís room in plenty of bars, I for one can say Iíve heard a lot of these same conversations. Being the keen observer I am, I noticed one aspect of men peeing that was sorely missed. For some reason, at least concerning the majority of those who have used the urinal next to me, men spit into the urinal before peeing. Now, I do not partake in this odd ritual nor do I understand itís significance, but I swear I have seen it a million times and not one man in this movie spit before peeing. I was also intrigued by the gymnastics women must perform to straddle the toilet before peeing. I certainly do not have the coordination to perform such a feat and consider myself lucky to have a penis that I can easily aim when urination is needed. Written, Directed, and edited by one Carrie Ansell, whom I think did a great job. Lets hear three flushes for Carrie! Does anyone out there remember the downstairs menís room at The Rat? Yikes! Ė Denis Sheehan


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