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(Indican Pictures) 2002. Suspense. 84 minutes. Not rated. A few, brief moments of violence. Joseph just broke up with his girlfriend.  His psychiatrist is prescribing more and more drugs to battle his 'condition.'  He knows his girlfriend is sleeping with his psychiatrist.  His co-workers are plotting against him and, to make matters worse, there are monsters after him.  His only friend is Alex and they are bonded together by something horrible they have done. 
Fabled concerns a man by the name of Joseph Fable, who is  no longer on the edge.  He has plunged headfirst into the abyss long ago.  A lot of what we get is filtered through Joseph, so even we don't know what to make of the whole thing.  I will give Desmond Askew credit in his portrayal of a man who has gone round the bend.  He makes crazy look damned easy.  I thought it was a nice touch that he is the only character in the film with a British accent.  It takes the alienation that he feels and makes it more intense.  Not only is he alone with his feelings, but he is from another place.  Nice touch.  The film depends on many repeated scenes.  If you were to take out all the repeats you would probably have an hour's worth of film.  I don't mind repetition to carry a story along.  In the case of Fabled, I felt it was a little too much. I give credit to first time director Ari Kirschenbaum.  The film looks fabulous and he got picture perfect performances from his actors.  There are only two things that I think detract from the film.  The first is the parallel fairytale concerning a wolf and a raven.  Sure, you could try and line up some sort of analogy of who was who in comparison to the two stories.  Why bother when the one on the screen is so compelling?  The second is the end of the film.  Without giving anything away, the end of the film does not work.  These two weak points make FABLED a film that I really can't, in good faith, recommend.  It will just make people angry in the end and not in a good way. - Douglas A. Waltz 



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