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THE EVILMAKER (Brimstone Productions) Horror. Approx 90 minutes. NR, violence, nudity. After leaving her abusive husband, Serena (Stephanie Beaton) returns home to the comfort of her Mother’s house. Hoping to feel better, Serena joins three of her friends and drives off for a weekend beach trip. The drive is going fine until the car breaks down and the four women are forced to seek shelter in an abandoned house in the middle of the woods. Just as the women start to get comfortable, and drunk, a strange, evil force within the house accosts them.  As the confused and scared women fight for their lives, they start to turn against each other.
      This is one damn fine low budget flic. The story is littered with twists that will keep you guessing as to what the Christ is going on. Admittedly, I did get lost when the bad guys actually started to show up, but the last 15 seconds of the movie provided one hell of a twist. I will re-watch the last half hour to catch on to what was going on some other time. The four actresses do a great job acting all nice to each other, and then suddenly becoming mean bitches in a heartbeat. And yes, two of the women give us some boobage, namely Stephanie Beaton. The sound and lighting is great, but I was most impressed with the shooting location. Talk about perfection! B-movie horror fans will surly dig this flic. – Denis Sheehan


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