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(Indican) Punk chick music drama. 87 minutes. Not rated. Welcome to Portland, Oregon and its bustling rock scene. Aspiring to be a major player in Portland’s bustling rock scene are The Paper Dolls, a four-piece all girl punk rock band. Hoping to take advantage of their rather sudden popularity, the girls decide to cohabitate in the same house known as The Doll House (how clever) in order to practice and write music nonstop. Of course, the four women instantly step on each other’s toes and get on each other’s nerves. As secrets are revealed, feelings crushed, and the back stabbing intensifies, The Paper Dolls grow more popular and get signed to a legendary Portland independent record label. However, on the night of their record release party, events take place that seal the fate of The Paper Dolls.
                Nicely done and entertaining, Down and Out with The Dolls is one fine piece of independent filmmaking. Brief nudity, sex, cat fights, drug usage, cool music, and one hell of a twist for an ending will keep your eyeballs joyfully directed at your tv till they dry up and turn to eye socket dust.  If you’re looking for a remake of the Justine Bateman/Julia “no talent” Roberts’ disaster of a chick band movie Satisfaction, don’t bother. The Dolls is everything Satisfaction aspired to be, and plenty more with a kickarse attitude to boot! The acting in the movie is ok; some do well, others don’t. Two faces you may recognize belong to Lemmy of Motorhead and Coyote Shivers (plays the stud in the movie who gets all the chicks even though he is one ugly mofo), who was in Empire Records. Canadian feminists and lesbos may recognize Kinnie Star as drummer Reggie. And what’s the deal with Zoe Poledouris perfectly playing uber bytch Fauna?  Makes me pause and wonder if she’s actually a good actress, or a real life bytch. I know I deserve the wedgie of a lifetime for brining up the ever awful Satisfaction, but that damn movie has been stuck in my head since 1988 for one reason and one reason only; Britta Phillips. Anyway, check out Down and Out with The Dolls as it is pure Satisfaction. – Denis Sheehan



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