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(First Run Features) First Run Features. Drama. 92 minutes. NR, sexual situations. Before embarking on a month long vacation, Robert, a hypochondriac pussy of a man, and his nagging, bitchy wife Hallie hire Zack and Sophie (Radha Mitchell from High Art) to house sit. Upon returning from their vacation a week early, Robert and Hallie are shocked to find their home in shambles and their fish dead. Since Zack and Sophie have no place to live, Robert and Hallie do what most people would do for a couple who destroyed their house and betrayed their trust, they let them continue living in the house. As time passes, Zack and Sophie start to really make themselves at home and don’t leave
Ah, this movie was frustrating as hell. The story moved slowly and was predictable, until the end when it takes a turn that will make you say to yourself, “Where the hell did that come from?” All of the characters are most unlikable, except for Sophie, but she’s not in the movie much (which is a problem within itself because she is hot. Check her out on the video cover. God.). Zack is a jerk, Robert is just plain pathetic, and Hallie is a twenty-four hour witch. The movie is well acted, but I just couldn’t stand any of the characters. Well, Radha’s character was ok, but that’s only because I dig Radha. Due to the art house/coffee house feel, I felt like I should have watched this movie while sipping on a double citrus, French vanilla, extra think cappuccino sprinkled with whatever that brown powder is they sprinkle on such a drink while eating some new, hip, smelly vegetarian snack from some poor Chilean peasant village as opposed to drinking beer and eating pizza from Papa Gino’s wearing only my “Tip of the Iceberg” boxers. Sorry, that’s just the feeling I had. What we have here is a not so classic example of just how far one pathetic man can be pushed before he starts to push back. This movie is not for everyone, but there are those out there who will enjoy the slow, emphasis on slow, release of tension throughout CSH. – Denis Sheehan



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