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CALIGULA REINCARNATED AS HITLER (Retro Shock-O-Rama) aka Last Orgy of the Third Reich. 1976. 92 minutes. NR, nudity, rape, slight gore. SS commander Starker runs a women’s prison camp that serves as a stop over for Nazi soldiers before they return to war. Of course, the Jewish women held here are subjected to torture, brutal rape, and are forced to live like rats. Along with having to worry about what the Nazis have planned for them, the women must also be concerned with other prisoners turning on each other.  Starker is just having a ball breaking all of his female prisoners, until Lise enters the camp. She refuses to succumb to Starker’s torture. Not once does she plea for her life, wince in pain, or even acknowledge her awful situation. The more Starker tortures Lise, the closer he is drawn to her and proves that even a piece of shit Nazi can be changed by love….kind of.
       Yikes, there is something about this movie that just felt wrong. Although disturbing, the scenes of torture and rape are not graphic, but just ucky enough to cause discomfort.  Just knowing that some, if not all, of this kind of crap really happened kind of made watching this movie tuff. Don’t misunderstand me, this movie shouldn’t be hailed for it’s content and certainly will not win any awards for depicting the atrocities of The Holocaust. It just bugged me, that’s all. The video sleeve (pictured), has nothing to do with the movie. I have no idea who those people are because they are not in the movie. There is some mindless chitchat you may want to skip by at times as well. Fans of women in prison and SS Hell Camp type flics will dig this one. On a sick note, I kind of dug the female Nazi even though she was is mean and nasty broad. – Denis Sheehan


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