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BLOOD KISS (Alternative Cinema) Erotic Horror. 120 minutes. NR, violence, nudity.  Ten years ago, Danny Dodd lost his wife and child to a vampire named Adam Mortis. Elaine, Danny’s wife, read a book and learned how to resurrect this evil vampire. Well, after she raised him, the Adam made mince meat of her and promptly kidnapped daughter Trudy. In the present, prostitutes are being murdered and Danny smells a rat, make that a vampire. As Adam kills more and more beautiful hookers, Danny does his best to track him down and avenge his family.
     Although this movie really didn’t do anything for me, I didn’t mind sitting through it because of all the nudity! One thing I found amusing about Adam Mortis is that he is a wasteful son of a bitch. Whenever he bites a woman, most of the blood streams down her body and onto her crotch. Now, doesn’t Adam know that there are vampires starving in Africa? On the plus side: The ending is pretty cool and comes with a sick little twist! Lots of nudity, including close-ups. For the most part, all of the woman appear to be your average woman. No fake Hollywood girls here. The blonde hooker who is turned into a vamp is hot! Danny Dodd, our hero, is just your ordinary every day slob looking for a little revenge. Negative side: Except for the nude scenes, the lighting is awful. The sound is no picnic either. There are a bunch of scenes where I couldn’t hear the dialog (not that it mattered really). Too many penises are shown. There is no need for this flic to be 2 hours long. I have to wonder if the producers of this movie did it to get the actresses naked. Noble cause I say! – Denis Sheehan


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