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(Frontline Films) Horror. Approx 80 minutes. Not Rated, gore, brief nudity. Welcome to the world of high fashion, modeling, and eating human flash. First hitting a group of fashion models, who enjoy snorting coke as much as eating flash, a disease soon afflicts all who come in contact with the models and the magazine in which they are featured. While the flesh eating models munch, sniff, and pose for pictures, a rag tag group of badass private investigators are hot on their trail.
Made for a measly $2000, director Brian Clement (Meat Market 1 & 2) gives a huge bang for the small buck. To give you an idea of which direction this movie flows, I am willing to bet that Brian spent about $1500 of that $2000 budget on blood and fake body innards. Binge & Purge is overflowing with gore and slop. Along with the gore, this flic is loaded with sarcasm mainly directed at fashion models. The acting is ok, but the sound often drops off making it difficult to hear some of the dialog. As far as the modeling chicks, do not expect to see real models and you won’t be disappointed. Best scene shows an afflicted man attacking another man, killing him, puking acid on his face, licking the bloody skull, then chomping out his eyeball. I’ll tell you, I’ve seen three movies made by this Brian Clement fellow and he sure knows how to make a fun filled zombie romp movie. – Denis Sheehan



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