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AT DAWN THEY SLEEP (Seduction Cinema) Horror. 80 minutes. NR. Gore, nudity. Stephen and Ian are two mean drug lords engaged in an even meaner fight with their competitors. As most drug pushers do, the two head out to pick up a few sluts to relieve a little of their pent up tension. Even though they’re ugly bastards, Stephen and Ian pick up to hotties who not only want some action, but are not interested in doing drugs! Hey, they can get laid and not waste drugs on the chickies. As usual though, if something seems too good, it usually isn’t. After the four pair off, the women take command and bite Stephen and Ian infecting them with a vampire like virus. The next morning, the boys are feeling pretty sick, puking all over the place, and eventually become entombed in a cocoon type thing. Sure enough, when Stephen and Ian awake from their slumber, they hunger human blood. Turns out, the two chickies are some kind of angels and infected the men in hopes of using them to help destroy mankind. Of course, Stephen and Ian first decide to take out their drug pushing rivals. After that fun, Stephen is approached by a Satan like demon who wishes to use Stephen’s talents for other purposes. But, will Ian go along with those plans?
        If this movie were a fence, I’d be straddling it. Mixed bag here. Things I liked; Pretty good gore for a b-movie. Lots of blood, hacking, inventing killings, head chopping, etc. The sound and lighting is great. Lots of action, ie, gun play, fights, car stunts. Things I didn’t like; the acting hurts badly. I know this comes with indie flics, but it was bad. In my eyes, the writer/director (who also starred) tried to do too much with the story. The concept was great and the story, for the most part, is well written. However, things just seemed to get too big. With that said (or written), I did enjoy this movie, but found myself a bit disappointed with some aspects of it. This movie also takes a number of pokes at the established religions out there with a few pointed conversations between the characters. If I was a gambling man, I’d bet some dough that the makers of this movie are metalheads. Why you ask? Well, the soundtrack is loaded with hard death metal tunes and the different sets are often adorned with metal bands’ posters (Kiss-Love Gun, Wasp). All in all, once I got use to the acting, I did like this flic. Better yet, this baby was shot in and around Southeastern Massachusetts! – Denis Sheehan


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