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(Alter Ego Cinema) 71 minutes. Found footage/documentary style.  Not Rated. Nudity and some very hard to see sex. Seems thereís this guy who whacks Amateur porn stars, but when the cops start getting nosy, he turns to picking up chicks in the streets to get his jollies.
      Now this sounded pretty good and I liked that the box comes with a crumpled tissue and a condom.  I felt like I was in true exploitation land.  Even the fact that the box was ripped off from a Blockbuster made it seem funny.  Then I remembered Iíd seen the name Alter Ego Cinema before, when watched the short, Mouse Trap Delivery.  I hated that movie!  But, I like to treat every film on its own merits.  Iím happy to say that after watching Amateur Porn Star Killer, I actually appreciate Mouse Trap Delivery more.  Letís run down the list of atrocities, shall we? First, at the end of the film we are informed that this is actual videotape from the killer, but they ran it through some kind of computer program to give it the grainy, speckled rough film look.  Why would you do that if itís supposed to be videotape? Second, if it is some sort of Ďfoundí footage, then why is there some picture in picture shots of a guy and girl banging away at each other in soft-core style? There is only one guy in the flick and heís holding the camera, for the most part, on an uncomfortable, bad looking young lady (not the women on the cover).  The lighting is horrid and the picture itself is unwatchable.  At a running time of 71 minutes the boredom started to seep in after 5 minutes.  Thatís a lot of movie left to have to be bored through. Alright, I do admit that I did see what appeared to be a few moments of a badly lit blowjob, but so what.  I can go rent The Brown Bunny and see Chloe Sevigny do that and actually be able to see it! This is micro budget film making at its lowest point ever.  I think that by Amateur Porn Star Killer being made, there is now some cinematic black hole that has been created and will start to suck the life out of low budget film making as we know it.  Maybe you can tell,  I didnít like this movie.  - Douglas A. Waltz
Editor's note: I liked this movie a bit more than Doug. The grubby looking female lead (part of her character, not calling Michiko Jimenez a grub) turned me on for some reason.



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