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AFFLICTION- (Video Holocaust) 1996. 45 minutes. NR, nudity, sex, gross stuff.  This video is a collection of people practicing their right to freedom of expression through outrageous acts and behavior. Intertwined between these acts are a ton of clips of even more outrageous behavior. The video begins with Mike Diana (found guilty of obscenity in Florida for his comic zine Boiled Angel. He spent 72 hours in jail, was given three years probation, fined, and told to never draw again) taking some medication to induce vomiting onto a Bible and Crucifix. Later in the tape, Mike jerks off with a crucifix jammed in his ass. Turbo Tom likes to poke holes in his body and act as a human dartboard. Full Force Frank, clothed in a black ski mask and mirrored shades, shows us his gun collection while talking about mass murder. Not only does this guy accidentally drop a gun while showing off, he removes his shades revealing some crazy looking eyeballs! Then we have GG Allen, the king of excrement. This clown shows us how much he enjoys eating other people’s crap, getting pissed on, beating himself up, and eating french fries covered with diarrhea. Truly disgusting. Note; all these clips are broken up and shown a little at a time through out the video. In between these segments are fast paced clips of various body piercings, body scarifications, various acts of sex, dead bodies, bondage, and nipple torture (wicked ick!). There are also performances by Cumdumpster, Big Stick, porn star Annie Sprinkle, and The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. While all these activities are going on, an intense soundtrack makes things crazier. I’m not even going to tell you about the sick thing that happens at the end of this video. This video was co-compiled by Mike Diana and Mark Hejnar. Most of the camera work and all of the editing was done by Hejnar. The editing is perfect as it moves this insane festival of expression along quickly. This baby makes The Jim Rose Circus look like Sunday School. – Denis Sheehan 


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