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At the moment, there are no plans for a print issue of Askew Reviews 16 any time soon. 
Because of this, we will only consider book, movie, music reviews.

Please do not submit material previously published anywhere, print or online.  

Feel free to query first:  

Columns- can be about anything. 2000 or so word count max. Will appear in print only  

<250 Flash- fiction or nonfiction, but not more than 250 words. Will appear in print only  

Book Reviews- we love small press books, but will consider anything (email for guidelines).  

DVD Reviews- independent, grindhouse, and b-movie fare are best.  (email for guidelines).  

CD Reviews- music must fall within the punk genre. No major labels (email for guidelines).  

Pay = $0, but you will receive a comp copy.  

Rights remain with the author.

Note: Due to the insane amount of email received, please be sure to put “Submission” in your email’s subject line.  

I Love You,



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