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  • We review books, videos, dvds, and compact discs.
  • Material which does not fit the criteria of Askew Reviews and deemed inappropriate by the editor will not be reviewed. If youíre not sure about your stuff, contact us.
  • All products to be reviewed must be submitted in its final version; i.e. the version the consumer will purchase. DVDs and/or CDs do not need to be in a case, but final artwork must be included. The one exception will be screeners of current theatrical releases.

  • Starting with Askew 11, I am drastically cutting down on the number of music reviews published within the print zine. However, this cut will not effect the number of music reviews published on the Askew Reviews website.  

  • Please look over the music section before submitting CDs for review. We get approx 100 CDs a week and only one out of ten are reviewed, which means we are picky pricks when it comes to the music we review.

  • We reserve the right to place the review in the print zine, on the Askew website, both, or neither if we donít like it.

A majority of items reviewed will first be posted on the Askew Reviews website. The same review will then appear in the next print issue. This system will help spread the word of your release in a timely manner with its actual release date. The print zine will help keep your productís name in the eye of the public.

Feel free to call or email regarding a package you sent. However, we will only return your call if we havenít received what you sent.

Please include all contact information!

Askew Reviews
159 Reed St.
Rockland, MA 02370





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