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ZERO BOYS- Vicious Circle (Panic Button) Originally released in 1982, Panic Button is re-issuing this punk rock classic with two previously unreleased tracks. The music is fast paced punk rock and is also catchy in the most melodic of ways with it’s massive hooks. What makes this cd so great is that it has that intense early 1980’s punk feel and is still able to not only stand out after all this time, but also excel. Every song on this cd is unreal, but “New Generation” and “Hightime” takes it over the edge with it’s pure punk ferocity. The two bonus tracks, “She Said Goodbye” and “ Slam and Worm,” were recorded back in 1982, but left off at the advice of Jello Biafra. Not only will fans of The Germs and Angry Samoans dig this cd, but so will most punk rock fans. Back in the early 80’s, the punk rock scene really started to become a nation wide scene and not just a major city scene. This cd shows why. – Denis Sheehan


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