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(GMM) One of these fuckers looks like a fat incarnation of my old roommate Snyder, and another one looks like a pre-teen version of my old pal Randy.  Both of these guys (Snyder and Randy) are drummers.  Who knows (or cares, really) what that means?  Anyhow, these youngsters, whose average age seems to be around 19, play like they’re a helluva lot older, and I mean that in a good way.  The first track on this disc is an Oi-ish, pub-ish, energetic sing-a-long called, shockingly, “Whiskey Rebels.”  Apparently it’s based on a high school book report one or more of them did on the Whiskey Rebellion.  Having essentially come up with a few songs that are nothing more than audio book reports myself, I have to say I heartily endorse their methodology.  I like this song too.  There are a few other songs on this CD that really standout, including “Streets Gave You To Me,” “Good Old Days,” “Roll The Dice,” and “Bad Sign.” They all sort of begin the same way and sound alike, yet they’re all cool, quality punk rock numbers that make you feel good listening to them.  And for being so young, these mofos seem to have crammed a lot of hard living into their lives thus far.  Yeah, there’s some stuff on this disc that’s just sort of “Ehhh…” but nothing here sucks, and the good songs definitely make it worth checking the Whiskey Rebels out. –Ben Hunter




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