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WHAT THE SHITE; Shite ‘n’ Onions Vol. 2
(Shite 'n' Onions) Due to the immense popularity of Shit ‘n’ Onions Vol 1, the drunkards over at Shite ‘n’ Onions have followed up with another Celtic/Irish festival of sound; ummm..that would be Vol 2, this release. While the running theme is one of Irish flavor, the music varies from rock to punk to bluegrass. It’s like one of those bars that offer ales from around the world, only here, you get music from around the world. Bring your own ale, freeloader! Kicking off with the ever important first track is the Texas based Blaggards and their hard Irish take on “Drunken Sailor.” This is a great Irish pub tune done in a way I’ve never heard before and boy-oh-boy do I dig it (in fact, I’m going to buy the Blaggards CD). Up next is the more jovial sounding “Hogjaw” by Jackdaw. Say that ten times fast after ten pints of Guinness.  The manic Irish Bluegrass sounding “Pub with No Beer” (a nightmare I personally survived) is served by Boston ’s Three Day Threshold. Also hailing from Boston is The Gobshites, who stagger their acousticelticore stuff in the cool sing along song, “Cheers.” Admittedly, I am a huge fan of The Gobshites because these guys can turn even anal warts into a good ol’ time. Out of the great white north (Vancouver, Canada) comes the intense banjo picking The Town Pants and “The Weight of Words,” a strong tune oozing with fortune and adventure (another CD I’ll be buying). Let’s see if you can keep up with Warblefly’s fast paced “The Ballad of Ali Abbas.” Germany ’s The Porters will certainly work up legions of soccer thugs with their streetpunk/Irish sounding “Weila Weila.” Closing out the disc is “Troublesome Girl,” by the great Barney Murray (Blood or Whiskey). The back cover lists nineteen tracks, which is untrue. There be twenty, The Potato Punks at SnO forgot one. Eighteen bands, twenty songs, one helleva good time, for all. – Denis Sheehan


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