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– Queensbury Rules (Band Site) When I received this cd I knew I really should not be the one to write some words about it, due to my absolute love of the Wage’s previous release, Gringo Mariachi. However, when I gave it a listen, I did not like what I was hearing. Maybe I was expecting too much or perhaps I was on my man period. Either way, I knew something wasn’t right so I put the cd away and decided to listen to it at a later date. And here we are so let’s see how it goes this time ‘round the clock. “Vigilante” sets the cd’s tone with The Wages of Sin mighty Celtic/rock-a-billy/bluegrass sound, even if I do not like the backing vocals in this’n. Thinking back, I think these backing vocals kind of soured my arse to this cd and since I am able to deal now, I must’ve been on my man rag back then. Now, the title track “Queensbury Rules” beats me back to my Wages love because this song is simply a damn great song. It’s the song you blast while driving around town with the windows rolled down, no s’matter the weather. “Ball Lightening” is bluegrassy intense fueled with driving vocals via Jesse Stewart (love this ba’sterd) while “The Greenlake Wyrm” and its hillbilly way will have you tapping the feet and wishin’ you were sipping some of that mountain moonshine from a big arse XXX jug. Like to sing along with a mad sea chantey? Hear no further than “Jenny Finn,” and I dare you to not bob that head of yours. You’ll rip through (this review is getting too wordy and you get the picture so no need for me being a Wages of Sin glory hole)  the remaining songs-thirteen total- and end with the slowed down “The End of the World,” which will soothe things making the end of the cd easier to bear and withdrawals easier to suffer…unless you’re smart and have things set on replay…oh hells yes! The gang is a country away from me and I must find a way to see them live. Must. – Denis Sheehan

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