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-(Vagrant) Every now and again I get surprised by music in general.  Just when I think everything sounds the same, something comes along and surprises me in a pleasant way.  Viva Death's album has surprised me.  First of all, Viva Death is on Vagrant Records, which is home to Dashboard Confessional.  Therefore, I thought this album might be a little bit like Dashboard, but I was in for a definite surprise.  Viva Death blends foot stomping rock with thought provoking lyrics that will get you jamming and thinking at the same time.  The music never lets up,  and it also never lets the listener down. Their music is almost infectious, but not in an annoying pop music sort of way.  It's infectious because you want to keep listening to what the band has to say and what they have to play.  Their music is melodic and meaningful, but it's also rockin' at the same time.  Finally, a band that can rock but deliver something thought provoking at the same time.-Liz Haebe



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