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- Detonate (Chunksaah) When I was just a little cuss, my granddad had a German Shepherd named Sarge who was by all outward appearances vicious as sin.  Sarge’s previous owner, an old Navy man, had accidentally shot him while cleaning his gun.  Sarge was pretty much unfazed by it.  Or maybe it made him meaner- it was so long ago I really can’t remember.  I do remember him scaring the hell out of my grandparents’ visitors with his heart-stopping, menacing, shit-in-your-pants-inducing bark.  I also recall that he used to rip bricks out of the foundation of their porch and trot around with them in his mouth.  Yet despite Sarge’s ferocity, he was actually a good hearted, gentle dog (at least to our immediate family) who even once saved my life by preventing me from falling into a creek.  Vision is the band equivalent of Sarge.  After my first listen and glance at this CD (admittedly I just scanned through the disc and I was fairly drunk), I had this down as hardass, bone crushing hardcore, and not really my bag.  I listened to it again awhile later and started to realize that I’d been dead fuckin’ wrong.   Yeah, it’s powerful and in your goddamn face pretty much throughout, but there’s an underlying purity and masculine melodiousness to Detonate that makes listening to it very much worth your while.  You get 13 songs in total here, and most of ‘em make you want to knock some fucker on his ass, then happily pull him back up with a smile and a slap on the back, because it was all done in communal brotherhood after all.  And unlike a lot of hardcore that I reluctantly review, the guys in Vision ultimately don’t take themselves too seriously.  The fact that they do an awesome, unexpected cover of nearly forgotten ‘80s icon Greg Kihn’s “The Break Up Song” illustrates this point better than I can write.  If Sarge wasn’t a dog who had been dead for the last 25 years, he’d fuckin’ love these guys. –Ben Hunter



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